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Temperate Times

22 June - 20 July

For this exhibition I'm focussing on rainforests. You might immediately think of the Amazon but the trees I am painting are not in South America but are the incredible temperate rainforests that we have in the UK. There is even some evidence that we have small remnants of rainforest right here in Dorset. 

I have also made sketching trips to the several precious pockets of rainforests that we have in Devon, Cornwall, Wales and the Lake District. These environmentally vital woodlands used to cover up to 20% of our country but now, sadly, they make up less than 1%. They are particularly enchanting because they thrive in damp conditions so their trees tend to be mistily romantic with branches draped in mosses and ferns. They really do look as though they've come straight from a fairytale book. 



22 July - 20 July 2024

including work by William Brooker (1918-83), Kevil Davies, Alexander Mackenzie (1923-2002), Robert Medley (1905-94), Theo Mendez (1934-97), Howard Phipps, Fiona Robinson, Tobit Roche, Elliott Seabrooke (1886-1950), Peter Sedgley,  Celia de Serra, Rowland Suddaby (1912-72), Keith Vaughan, Michael Williams, William Wright