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Liz Somerville

Cutting Through linocuts & watercolours

25 Feb - 24 March 2012

to view images of work in the exhibition and some installation shots please click on www.theartstable.co.uk/gallery/liz_somerville.php

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Homage to the Hambledon Gallery

21 Jan - 11 Feb 2012

The Hambledon Gallery in Blandford opened in 1962 as an artists’ meeting place and was run as a gallery from 1963 by Katharine Church (Kitty West), who, during the 1960‘s and 70‘s, exhibited works by well known British artists including Mary Fedden, Henry Moore and Keith Vaughan as well as successful artists working in Dorset such as Richard Batterham, John Hubbard and Henrietta Young. In 1964 Wendy Suffield began working at The Hambledon Gallery, gradually took over the running of it and from the late 70’s began to introduce clothes and home wares which they have continued to sell to the present day.

The Art Stable is delighted to be able to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the Hambledon Gallery with an exhibition which will include some of the artists who showed there, a tribute to an ongoing, vibrant artistic life in Dorset.

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Day Bowman

The Urban Wastelands Project in collaboration with Ian Knox and Transglobal Underground

26 Nov - 17 Dec

to view images of work in the exhibition click on www.theartstable.co.uk/gallery/day_bowman.php

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Emily Myers

Fine Lines

26 Nov - 17 Dec

to view work in the exhibition click on www.theartstable.co.uk/gallery/emily_myers.php

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Thomas Denny

Stained Glass Designs

29 October - 19 November

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Norman Adams RA

Capturing Light in Colour

1 - 22 October

to view images of the exhibition please click here


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Lesley Slight

Dark Sunlight

3 - 24 September 2011

view images in the exhibition here www.theartstable.co.uk/gallery/lesley_slight.php

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George Young

New Paintings

11 June - 15 July 2011

See more images here www.theartstable.co.uk/gallery/george_young.php

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Robert Woolner

Silent Spaces

30 April - 26 May 2011

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Eric Kincaid

Once upon a time

7 May - 26 May 2011