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Charlie Baird

New Paintings 2 - 23 June 2007

Illustrated right, 'Over and Under, 2007, oil on board, 76cm x 152.5cm

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George Young

New Paintings 19 May - 28 April

George Young paints montaged images originating from the mid C20th. His paintings involve reductions and insertions from and into the original images subverting the initial meaning and narrative, turning factual images into fantasy. The accumulation of these small changes provides a potential for new reading and understanding. Young paints in a distinctive palette of saturated colours contrasting with deep shadows in liquefied oil paint, creating an atmosphere of confused nostalgia and failed narrative

Right, Landscape with Two Men, 2007, oil on paper, 60x50cm

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Teresa Lawton

Birdsong Recent Paintings

7 - 24 March 2007

Teresa Lawton lives and works from her studio in the historical village of Corfe Castle. She is inspired by the environmentally unique surroundings on the Isle of Purbeck. She walks the beach every day and being so familiar with the coastline and landscape is a key component in the way her works develops.

Teresa Lawton was born in Poole and studied Fine Art at Winchester. Exhibitions include the Art Loan Collection at Bournemouth University, the Discerning Eye Exhibition selected by HRH the Prince of Wales, the Royal Academy Summer Shows, the New York Art Fair and numberous exhibitions in and around London.

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Roger Stephens

Recent Sculpture

7 - 24 March 2007

'My work is mainly in stone, occasionally incorporating iron and stainless steel, materials I feel are elemental, hard and uncompromising. This is fundamental to my work. Wherever the idea comes from, natural forms, heavy industry, words, politics, I strive to imbue the piece with an elegant solution. It is important to me that the viewer feels invited to touch, to feel the contrasting textures, to engage with the physical form as well as the intellectual idea. There is a continuous process of exploration, of deleloping ways to interpret ideas, to challenge the commissioner and viewer.'

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Modern British Prints 1920-2005

Inclding work by Edward Bawden, Anthony Caro, Patrick Caulfield, Prunella Clough, Cecil Collins, Robyn Denny, William Gear, Eric Gill, Alistair Grant, David Hockney, Howard Hodgkin, Albert Irvin, David Jones, Ken Kiff, R.B.Kitaj, Leon Kossoff, Paul Nash, Viola Paterson, Celia Paul, Patrick Procktor, Paula Rego, William Roberts, Peter Sedgley, Graham Sutherland, Julian Trevelyan, Marc Vaux

24 January - 10 February 2007

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Christmas Exhibition

Paintings, prints and ceramics by Peter Archer, Harriet Barber, Jo Jo Behrens, Lucy Bentley, Bonnie Brown, Andrew Davidson, Mary Liddell, Howard Phipps

Drawings from 1940 to 1960 by William Brooker, Rowland Suddaby, Keith Vaughan

22 November - 16 December 2006

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Tom Hammick


Recent Paintings and Prints

18 October - 4 November 2006

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Paintings of Hambledon Hill

Including work by Charlie Baird, Thomas Denny, Peter Joyce, Teresa Lawton, Mary Liddell, David Marl, Chris Riisager, Tobit Roche, Donald Short, Robert Woolner, John Wrigglesworth, George Young, Nicholas Hely Hutchinson

13 - 30 September 2006

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Opening Mixed Exhibition

Recent Paintings and Sculpture by Charlie Baird, Angela Charles, Thomas Denny, Ursula Leach, Luke Piper, Tobit Roche, Roger Stephens, Henrietta Young

21 June - 22 July 2006

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John Ribgewelf (1937 - 2004)