Michael Cullimore

We have known Michael, been fans of and collected his work for over forty years. His paintings continue to give vitality and joy to the rooms where they hang and to we who live with them.

The seemingly effortless control of his brush (and whatever is on it) plus the water element allows physics to join forces with his images, giving us an imagination and freedom that is truly rare . Be it mythology, the cosmos or his jar of brushes, the paintings are imbued with a profound spirituality .

Michael is a visionary artist of the highest order.

David Nash and Claire Langdown, January 2014

'Cullimore has always had an odd and individual way of looking at things; he is a homegrown Symbolist, excited by the way that signs and portents and unexpected allusions seem to be half hidden in every shape of hill and valley, and finds magic and mystery in the most commonplace objects.....' John Russell Taylor writing in The Saturday Times

Michael Cullimore's solo exhibition at The Art Stable was reviewed in the 'Where to buy...' section of 'The Week':
Michael Cullimore (b.1936) works chiefly in watercolours, and he belongs loosely to the poetic and visionary strand of British landscape painting which starts with Blake and Samuel Palmer and culminates in the airy surrealism of Paul Nash. Cullimore paints bold, solid shapes and sweeping landscape rhythms with terrific fluency and vigour. His colours are sometimes sombre, sometimes subtle and often incandescent, lending a radiant energy to the landscape of, for example, Wiltshire and southwest France. his surreal imagination makes free with natural forms: one painting is called 'Woman Turning into a Galaxy'; in another work, cylindrical hay bales suffer the same fate. In 'Suffolk Resurrection', we look down on a church tower by the sea while a small figure disappears into a stormy sky. This survey (1977 to the present) of Cullimore's highly individual and entertaining work is a real treat.

Born in Wiltshire in 1936, Cullimore studied at Goldsmiths' School of Art. He lived for many years in Wales where he was the curator of University College. Since 1968 Cullimore has exhibited regularly in solo and group exhibitions around the country. He now lives in Devon

Michael Cullimore's paintings are in many public collections including The National Museum of Wales, The Welsh Arts Council, Salisbury Museum, The Creasy Collection, Salisbury Library, Bournemouth Orchestras, Russell Cotes Art Gallery and Museum and Bournemouth and Devizes Museum.

Descending Spiral Fossil Galaxy
37.5 x 52cm
Startled Birds
38 x 38 cm
Evening Landscape
37cm x 52cm