Jo Marland

Jo Marland is a studio potter working at Standpoint in Hoxton, North London where she designs and creates wheel-thrown ceramic tableware and functional objects for the home.  

Following an education in History of Art and fine art Sculpture, Jo has focused on ceramics for 8 years, learning principally through self-directed study: first in Aberystwyth, Wales and then in London.  

Alongside her own collection, Jo has designed and created tableware for various chefs and restaurants. She currently produces a bespoke range in collaboration with The Water House Project in East London.  
Limited edition ranges of Jo's ceramics have previously been stocked in London stores including Bamford, Mayfair and Another Country, Marylebone. 

I create wheel-thrown ceramic tableware and decorative vessels, producing a range of thoughtfully designed and finely crafted objects for the home that celebrate elegance and functionality. I strive to achieve a clarity of line in my work with pared back, balanced forms that might sit comfortably within any setting and are deeply satisfying to use.  

Working principally in stoneware I use various clays, often mixing and combining their colours and textures to achieve tones reminiscent of the natural world: the soil, rocks and stones. The pots are accentuated and off-set by a selection of simple, muted glazes that react with the various clay mixes to produce a variety of finishes.  

Thrown and trimmed on the potters' wheel, each pot undergoes a slow, careful process to be completed. Using a variety of traditional methods: building by hand to create composite pots and sometimes returning to the wheel to paint, carve and decorate, the pots are then left to dry slowly before the process of firing and glazing begins. A selection of glazes are chosen to accentuate or obscure the textures and tones of the clay beneath. 

Flint teapot ceramic handle
14.5 x 21 cm
£ 125
Pair of faceted teabowls
9 x 5.5 cm
£ 50
Ivory teapot
16.5 x 23 cm
£ 130
Dark fleck side bowl
8 x 12 cm
£ 35
Flint table jug
16 x 13 cm
£ 80
Chalk pitcher
17 x 10 cm
£ 90