Christopher Riisager

Christopher Riisager has spent almost all his life on the Dorset/Wiltshire border aside from the years spent studying Fine Art at Goldsmiths during the 1980’s. He has a profound knowledge of, and relationship with, that landscape, developed through long, silent study. And yet, he finds that the most emotive landscapes are often those which reveal themselves in a moment of travel, or contemplation, where a movement of light or shadow can lead to a rediscovery of somewhere familiar.

The Sculptor’s Yard
oil on cardboard
34 x 42 cm
Kimmeridge Ledges
oil on board
30 x 37 cm
The Dead Tree
oil on board
30 x 33 cm
Winspit, morning
oil on board
31 x 38 cm
Melbury, Evening
oil on board
26 x 36 cm
oil on board
32 x 40 cm
Horwood Jetty
oil on board
29 x 35 cm
oil on board
22 x 27 cm
(image taken behind glass
- some reflection)