Peter Joyce

The Art Stable is delighted to be presenting a solo exhibition of recent paintings and drawings by Poole born painter Peter Joyce who has spent more than 30 years exploring and working with the Dorset coastal landscape and for the last 10 years a very different landscape in France.

Since 2003 Joyce has lived in western France and this exhibition will include works based on the area’s coastal marshlands . The landscape of the Vendée is completely different to that of Dorset but what they have in common is the point where the land meets the sea. In Dorset this is a clear meeting of defined sculptured edges, in the Vendee where Joyce’s house and studio is built on reclaimed marsh land, the meeting between land and sea is more ambiguous.

‘Whilst it may not have the immediate drama of the cliffs, it is extraordinarily mysterious and strange, insidiously so. It has something of the ‘night’ about it, a place where man has meddled with nature and taken a healthy chunk out of the natural order....An artist’s response to a new place is often profound and there was a great sense of anticipation as the transition between the vertical worlds of the Purbeck cliffs slowly gave way to the flat lands of the Bouin marshes. It is literally as if the world has a new axis and spins in a different plain......Peter did not choose to radically reinvent his style, materials or palette. He had no reason to as his methodology has been honed and refined, but a determination to translate this to his new world facilitated a sense of creative urgency that has, in turn, prompted a new rhythm. These flat marshes contain a number of elements that make them immediately compelling to Peter and created a sense of joy and love and discovery very quickly.’ Gary Topp

Barred Route
acrylic & collage on wood panel
21 x 31 1/2 cm
West of Machecoul
acrylic & collage on wood panel
32 x 63.5 cm
Overgrown Path
acrylic on wood panel
26.5 x 13 cm
Port Reflections
acrylic & collage on paper
15.5 x 12 cm
Creek Trails
mixed media on paper
11.5 x 15 cm
Study for le pays de terre et d'eau
acrylic on board
15 x 20 cm